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The Power of Art to Tell Your Story

My Story

SarahRachael Photography

During the last two years of my life I have gone through some major changes, and continue to do so.
I have felt:
broken & broke open
love & loss
pain & joy
Lost & found
weak & strong
shame & strength
afraid & empowered
alone & surrounded
I have learned that you can not fully feel and appreciate the good feelings without having experienced and sat through the hard ones.  Even on the days when you feel like the hard ones will swallow you whole – I have learned you have to sit with them and feel them and face them. That is the only way to really appreciate when the good starts to come back. You start to feel beyond thankful for the little things in life that bring in the light.
One of those things for me is photography.

I have been a photographer for over 10 years, owning my own portrait studio as a one woman show focusing on newborns and families.  All the parts from marketing, booking, client relations, sales, photographing, editing, shopping, styling, branding, etc. – is all ME!
I have loved it all (except the numbers part… I am not a numbers person, that is why I am an artist 😉 )

Then out of nowhere the universe said it was time to shake up my world…. so it did.  I went through it, felt it, broke down from it and was re-building from it when the universe said ” you must not have understood me!!!” so it shook my world again.  It’s time to listen and it’s time for change.  It is time to trust in new beginnings.

all for the photo.jpg

As an artist, I see and express from within.  The changes that I have gone through have no choice but to come out in my art.  I am trusting in these new beginnings and am re-branding SarahRachael Photography to reflect who I am as I am growing.  I am still the same loving, caring and passionate portrait photographer. I still eat sleep and breathe photography. I still see the world in photographs with its lights, shadows, colors, textures and emotions driving my excitement.  But I have such a fire lit in me to be making a difference with what I do.  To really be sharing people’s stories through my lens. There is a new fire in me to be out in the community meeting people, getting involved and helping other entrepreneurs who are as passionate as I am.  I need to be telling real stories and seeing what that opens up for me.

I am still doing family and newborn photography but I want to show it in a more real way – I want your personal story, your baby story, your family story, your birthday story to really shine who you are. I want to photograph you as who you are – in a less staged and more real way that gives you even more authentic artwork that is true to you. I want you to share and keep the art that is your life, for a lifetime, to tell your story as it unfolds. I want to be stepping out of my studio more into the real world where things can be messy and beautiful at the same time and we can truly get creative together.  I want to create with the families who are just as passionate as I am – who will not be afraid to try something new and get creative with me.

Part of my new passion has led me to ‘Personal Brand Photography’ .  This art uses my portrait photography art to photograph the person behind a business while using my images and story-telling to help brand and market for local entrepreneurs.
I want to bring the business owner out from behind the storefront, the desk, the back office, and to show the community who you are and what you stand for. I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin when you are in front of my lens and to really make your images and your brand true to you.  I want to share your passions to the world so people will connect with you and your business on a personal level.  They will relate to you and your product and brand.
I believe that images, together with story-telling, are beyond powerful.
I can help you to spread your word with beautiful images and words.


I am looking to work with clients who are equally as passionate about what they do as I am with what I do.  I am looking for clients who are out there making a difference and need to step out from behind the scenes to share their story with the public and let them know what they are really all about.
I am skilled in the photography aspect but also in bringing the design and personality into your brand and store front.  I can help with interior work to add art from our session to your store to bring the story-telling to life within the walls of your business as well.  And, after running my own business for 10+ years I am skilled in using my images to story tell and promote on social media and I am offering that service to you as well.

My passion for Photography has been a guiding light for me on my journey – I hope to be able to share that with you and make a difference in yours.
Let’s get together and create with 

The Power of Art to Tell Your Story!