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The Power of Art to Tell Your Story

Personal Branding

Your Personal Brand Story


Personal Branding:

“Photography is putting one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis.” -Bresson

People crave connections with people. We want to know the person behind the business or the product.
This is where story telling photography comes in.  Entrepreneurs are seeing the power of connection and turing to professional photographers to help them connect to their audience on a personal level with a professional look. 

Using a professional photographer to create this connection conveys a sense of trust with your audience.  It shows them you are professional and not just taking photos with your phone. Cell phone images have their place - but as a high level business you are best conveyed through high level images.
“Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is quoted as saying, “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” 
High-quality photos support your business and personal goals. 

 It tells a story. 

 It separates you from the competition.


As your Personal Brand Photographer I get to learn about you, who you are and what you are passionate about and photograph it all! I tell the story of you and your brand through professional and artistic photos. I create a relationship and environment during our time together where you can feel good about being you and comfortable in front of my camera. Together, we build a collection of story-telling portraits, behind the scenes images and details that truly represent you and your brand.  All images may be used for your own marketing, website, social media, events and workshops.

Personal Branding Start-Up Session: $850.00

  • The session fee includes 3 hour branding session

    • In Depth Pre-session consult

    • Artistically stylized session with a story telling plan/flow

    • Creative and Thoughtful touches that personalize your session

    • Wardrobe, hair and make-up consults

    • Facebook preview image with your business tagged – first step in marketing help

    • Edit time for 50 artistically polished hi-res final images + 50 SEO files for your marketing readiness!

Once we have an established relationship, after our start up session.
I offer monthly packages for social media support to help professionally tell your story with images from our session and keep your social media accounts fresh and up to date.

Getting the attention of your audience is so important and having the right images to pull people in is HUGE! Then having interactive and engaging posts will keep people coming back and talking!  I already know you and your business and passion and have all of the images to get us started – let me help you share it all!